About Sheryl Menkes

Trust, honesty, hard work and loyalty. 

These have been the driving forces behind Sheryl Menkes’ outstanding career as a successful Personal Injury attorney.   In fact, serious injury cases are not just a business for Sheryl – they’re personal.  This is rare in the industry.  When she takes on a new client, they aren’t just a file number that gets lost amid a law firm staff.  They become part of her family.  She listens to her clients’ stories with an open heart, and then fights for them as a fierce yet compassionate advocate in every way possible. 

Sheryl’s practice runs the gambit from the simplest motor vehicle accidents, a construction workers’ injury at an unsafe construction site and medical malpractice by doctors and hospitals, to the unprotected elderly in nursing homes who often die horrific deaths due to neglect caused by the owners of the facility who value profits over patient care. In all of these areas of law one thing remains consistent: Sheryl’s dedication and commitment to her clients.  She and her staff are always working on her client’s cases and pushing them forward, and what’s more, they are always available to answer all of their clients’ questions, to help them sort out the issues and keep them up to speed on the status of their cases.  As opposed to larger law firms where the client never gets to speak to the attorney once the case is signed up, Sheryl is always personally accessible to her clients every step of the way.

Are you or a loved one the victim of pain and loss because of an injury or abuse?  Sheryl Menkes has been diligently defending the rights of the injured in Metropolitan New York for more than 30 years, and has a long track record of winning significant settlements and jury verdicts for her clients.  Sheryl’s success for her clients proves you don’t need a large firm to get the justice you deserve.  You need the right attorney and Sheryl is that attorney.  She purposely keeps her firm small and limits the cases she takes in so she can give all of her clients the time and attention they deserve.  She has obtained over $8 million for a construction worker injured on an unsafe construction site; over $2 million for Medical Malpractice in a City Hospital; over $3 million in a jury trial for a worker injured in an office building the owners did not repair; and in 2017 she achieved one of the top ten verdicts in NY. In fact, Sheryl has never lost any of her clients’ cases. It is clear that she works hard for people just like you – clients who deserve an advocate to ensure that their rights are respected every step of the way.  That is her life’s work.  That is her promise to you.

Menkes Law.  The small law firm with a big heart…and big settlements.

This is what some of our past clients have to say about their experience with Sheryl.