All About Bedsores

Sometimes our aging loved ones need a little bit of help. There comes a time when moving into a nursing home makes sense. You would certainly hope that your family member gets the attention and care they deserve. You’d hope they continue to maintain an active life and engage in activities outside of their rooms. […]

Osteomyelitis from Bed Sores

Osteomyelitis (bone infection) is often the result of a bacterial infection caused by pressure ulcers, open wounds, pressure sores, and decubitus ulcers. However, bone infections can also be caused by a deep cut, severe injury, or wound that allows fungi or bacteria to invade bone material. Not long ago, osteomyelitis was considered an incurable disease. […]

Understanding Compensation in New York Personal Injury Cases

Being involved in a personal injury case can be traumatic and challenging, both physically and emotionally. It can also be overwhelming to navigate the legal process of determining compensation. Understanding how compensation is calculated in a personal injury case is essential for anyone pursuing legal action. In this blog post, we will take a closer […]

What Are The 3 Most Common Complaints About Nursing Homes?

Nursing homes play a crucial role in ensuring proper care and assistance for elderly people who are unable to look after themselves. These facilities offer round-the-clock care, medical support, and a comfortable living environment for senior citizens. However, not all nursing homes function in the same way, and some may fail to provide adequate care […]

Who is Liable for Truck Accidents in New York?

Every day, many accidents involving large trucks occur on the roads of New York. These types of accidents can be caused by a number of factors, including driver negligence, mechanical failure or improper loading. When it comes to determining who is liable for a truck accident, the answer often depends on the unique circumstances of […]

All About the “Grieving Families Act”

Senate Bill S74A, also known as the “Grieving Families Act” (“GFA”) is set to vastly expand compensable damages in wrongful death actions. Currently, compensable damages in these types of actions are limited to pecuniary loss only, such as pre-death medical expenses, funeral expenses and loss of financial support. Under the proposed bill, the definition of […]

Common Thanksgiving Personal Injuries

Overall, the U.S. mortality rate annually spikes around Thanksgiving and remains elevated through winter. Some of it is due to seasonal effect however some is due to Thanksgiving personal injuries such as car accidents, slip and falls, and food-related injuries. Car Accidents Each year, the National Safety Council estimates the number of fatal crashes that are likely […]

Can I Sue The City If I Fell On A Broken Piece Of Concrete And Injured Myself?

Unfortunately, many American cities (including several in the state of New York) are plagued by numerous potholes, cracks in the asphalt, uneven concrete sidewalks, and dilapidated ramps. According to a 2013 study by the United States Department of Transportation, it interviewed some 7,500 people who claimed to have been injured while walking on public sidewalks. […]

How To Win A Case where the Facts are not in your Favor

Justice may be blind, but that doesn’t mean justice is always served by the facts. For example, you may be injured in a car accident where the “facts” seem to point to you being clearly at fault, but that doesn’t mean you’re not entitled to some compensation or that you shouldn’t fight to receive it. […]