Nursing Home Abuse

Pursuing Justice For Victims Of Abuse In Nursing Homes


When Sheryl Menkes first started her career in law, she never imagined she would be an advocate for people injured by nursing home abuse and neglect. But in 1995, Sheryl Menkes had to make the heart wrenching decision to place her mother in a nursing home.

The nursing home promised her that her mother would be better off there than at home, because she could get 24/7 nursing care. But they didn’t live up to their promises. They warehoused her mother, with insufficient nursing staff to meet her mother’s needs. 

By the time Sheryl learned of this, her mother could no longer walk, and Sheryl could no longer consider taking care of her at home. Sheryl’s mother was a victim of nursing home abuse, and the effects were devastating for her and her family. She learned first-hand how vulnerable senior adults are in nursing homes and became an advocate for them, committed to fight to get them and their families the justice they deserve. Sheryl knows exactly how children of victims of nursing home abuse and neglect feel because she went through it too.

She knows that bed sores aren’t just a rash, as facilities might lead you to believe. Instead, they can be life-threatening conditions. She knows that there is no excuse for a patient falling out of bed or a wheelchair. She knows that patients in nursing homes can be physically and sexually abused and she knows it is all against the law. Sheryl feels the elderly have the right to be free from neglect and free from abuse and also have the right to die with dignity. She has dedicated a great portion of her practice to diligently defending these helpless victims and works vehemently for them, making sure they get the justice they deserve. 

If your loved one has suffered such physical or mental mistreatment, don’t hesitate to contact Sheryl to learn about your options for taking legal action against the nursing home, assisted living facility or long-term care facility for rehabilitation. By taking such action now you may not only be able to help your family recover financial compensation, but you could also serve to hold the nursing home or facility accountable. You’ll be exposing conditions of neglect or abuse and protecting others from suffering similar harm in the future. That’s important to Sheryl and to you as well.

Cases You Can Receive Financial Compensation For

  • Bed Sores & Pressure Sores
  • Mental Abuse
  • Physical & Sexual Abuse
  • Falls
  • Choking
  • Wandering & Elopement
  • Medication Errors
  • Bed Rail Suffocation
  • Contracture
  • Wrongful death