Traumatic Brain Injuries

Fighting For Justice For Victims Of Brain Injuries

What Are Traumatic Brain Injuries?

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) constitute a third of all injury related deaths in the U.S. The most common causes are automobile accidents, slip and falls, intentional assault & battery and medical error. It’s important to understand in these cases that damage to the brain may occur not only at the time of the accident, but also over time as tissues swell and bleed within the head. This, in turn, can lead to permanent or temporary impairment of the brain’s functions, leaving the victim in varying states of debilitation, some even life-threatening. As you can imagine, we’ve seen many of these cases over the years and take them very seriously. If you or a loved one is suffering from TBI, Menkes Law will be your fiercest advocate. You can’t undo the damage to your brain, but we can get you a settlement as compensation and justice for your loss because laws exist to protect you. If you have suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury because someone was negligent, we will fight for you. We know that because you usually cannot see the brain injury, the people that caused your injury will say you are faking. We know how to fight that defense and win. 

What Kinds Of Situations Can Cause A Traumatic Brain Injury?

Traumatic brain injuries can occur if you suffer a blow to your head or an injury that penetrates your skull. But they can also occur from a sudden jolt or violent shaking. If you’ve experienced any of these situations, our experienced brain injury attorneys can help. Combining medical expertise from your healthcare providers with an extensive grasp of liability laws, we’ll help you obtain the compensation you deserve. Aggressive in pursuing justice yet compassionate to our clients, our personal injury attorneys have a solid record in pursuing fair settlements for our brain-injured clients. Don’t wait to seek compensation for your injuries. Schedule your initial consultation today.

What Will Happen During The Process?

During your first meeting with your lawyer, we’ll review the facts in your case. If you haven’t begun a journal to tell your side of the story, we’ll ask you to document your memories of the event that caused your injury, as well as the impact it has had on your life. Then, we’ll help you gather evidence to help you prove the other party’s liability for your injury, such as witness statements, building engineers’ reports documenting unsafe conditions, photographic and video evidence, and more. We’ll also help you obtain statements from your doctors that can outline your prognosis, as well as the care and assistance you’ll likely need. Our skilled personal injury attorneys will also prepare you well for the legal side of the process, including sworn depositions, negotiations with the responsible party’s representation, and your testimony at trial, should your case not settle out of court. Our legal team will fight for your rights to just compensation from start to finish. Start your fight for justice today!