Premises Liability

Holding Property Owners Responsible For Unsafe Conditions On Their Premises

What Is Premises Liability?

Property owners bear responsibility to repair unsafe conditions on their premises that could cause injuries to their guests and customers. Whether it’s a slip and fall injury caused by a wet floor in a restaurant or a poorly anchored artwork falling on top of a hotel guest as she sleeps, the property owners are responsible for compensating the victims for their injuries. The legal principle that property owners owe their guests a duty of care undergirds their responsibility to fix any unsafe situation on their property. Learn more by contacting our personal injury law office.

What Kinds Of Situations Qualify As Premises Liability?

Any hazard that a property owner does not fix in a reasonable amount of time could make an owner liable for injuries to their guests. Insufficient lighting, walkway obstructions, ripped carpets or mats, loose stairs or handrails, improperly working elevators, and uneven stair risers all should be repaired before a property owner invites guests in. Slippery floors, too, can cause accidents. However, if the property owner isn’t aware of the situation that caused the fall, like when a customer breaks a bottle of soda and fails to notify a worker, the owner might not be held liable. That’s why it’s essential that you see a personal injury attorney as soon as possible after the accident to learn what options you have. To learn more about whether your situation qualifies as premises liability, get in touch with one of our personal injury specialists today.

What Should I Do If I Have An Accident On Someone Else’s Property?

The first thing you need to do is to seek medical attention. Be sure to keep all records that relate to your injury. If you are able, go back to the scene of the accident and take photos that show the conditions that led to your injury. If you can’t, ask a trusted person to do that for you. If your injury occurred at a business or another organization’s property, fill out a written report but make sure you keep a copy. Be sure to contact an attorney that specializes in premises liability to have the best chance of getting fair compensation for your injuries. We can help. Contact one of our experienced premises liability attorneys today.